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external image yemen.gifThis is the Yemen flag

The meaning of the Yemen flag
Red, white, black and green are called the pan-Arab colors and have been historically linked to the Arab people and Islamic faith for centuries. The red stripe represents the blood shed during the country's struggle for independence. The white symbolizes hope for the future, and the black stripe represents an end to the country's dark past.
external image myemen.gifThis is the map of Yemen
The history of the Yemen flag
The Yemen flag was adopted on May 22, 1990 when North Yemen and South Yemen joined together. The red, white and black stripes were also present on the flags of North and South Yemen, and are traditional Arab colors.

The absolute relative location of Yemen
Absolute Location: 15 00 N, 48 00 E
Relative Location: Yemen is at Middle East, bordering the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Red Sea, between Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Key Cities In Yemen: Sanna (capital), Al Hudaydah, Ta'izz, Aden, Al Mukalla, Ibb, Sayyan, Zabib, Bajil, and Hajjah

Physical Features:
Yemen is predominately divided into five Physical Features namely:
  1. The Mountainous Region
  2. The Plateau Region
  3. The Coastal Region
  4. The Ruba al – Khali Region
  5. The Yemeni Isles Group

The climate in Yemen is mostly high temperture and warm but calm winds.
Yemen Climate This search site shows the wheather and climate of Yemen

Population and Sociology This site explans he population and other great facts.
Population in Yemen now is approximately 21,748,578 people.
Population Density in Yemen now is approximately 115.7 per square mile.
The growth rate in Yemen is approximately 2.647%

Sociology In Yemen
Social Structure: Arabian principles and laws are some of the main influence in Yemen.

Customs In Yemen
Holidays: New's years day, Mouloud (Which is the birth of the prophet), Labour day, National Unity day, and Independence day
Celebrations: Festivals

Government In Yemen
Yemen is a Republic government
Government Information This site shows all types of different branches and rules Yemen follows.

Culture In Yemen
Sports: Football, motor sports, water sports, basketball, winter sports, golf, and also many people also practice Martial arts.
Clothing: It really does vary each place you go theres different styles and designs.
Language: Arabic
Music: Arabian melody
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Ethnic This site explains the history of the ethnis bakground.
Ethnic Background
Most of Yemen's population is Arab, but also Afro-Arab, South Asians, Europeans
Religious Background
Yemen’s citizens are mostly always Muslims

Economy In Yemen
GDP per capita puchasing power partiy - $800.00
GDP Growth Rate: 2.8%
GDP: Purchasing power partiy $15.09 billion

Major Produce, Export, and Imports
Produce: Oil, Natural gas, and crude oil
Export: Coffee, dried fish, and salted fish
Imports: Food and live animals,machinery and equipment, chemicals
external image opec_lies.png

Top 5 Problems In Yemen
1.The perfect storm
2.Death toll is rising
3.Al Qaeda ambushed 10 Yemeni soldiers
4.U.S National Security
5.April's parliamentary elections

1. Why were 10 Yemeni soldiers ambushed was there a reason?
2. Does Yemen have a winter in there country?
3. Why all the sudden is the death toll starting to rise?
4. How were the colors on the flag given sertent lables and meanings?
5. What is the difference between there crude oil and there standered oil?