Uzbekistan- Logan Matzke

uzbekistan.jpg UzbekistanFlag.gifThe flag for every star it means each month and the blue means peace the white means envirorment and white means health.

Exact location of Tashkent is:41°16′N 69°13′E / 41.267°N 69.217°E
Bordering Countrys: To The north is Kazakstan and Kyrgzstan to the east is Tajikstan and to the south is Afghanistan and to the west is Turkmenistan and Iran.
-Big Cities- Tashkent, Samarkand, Namangan, Bukhara and Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan.
The land is mostly flat but there are also many sand dunes and lots of desert and a lot of river valleys
Along Amu Darya and around Syrdarya. Also they have semiarid grasslands surrounded by mountains
Near Tajikistan and close by Kyrgyzstan.


First few people to occupy central Asia and they people who arrived were the Iranian Nomads they
Had come from around the northern grasslands of what is now Uzbekistan. These Iranians who had
Spoke and Iranian dialect, lived in central Asia and begun to build large irrigation systems along the rivers threw out there region.
kmnbvcxz.jpgEarth Quake of 1966 in Tashkent

Population and History
The population of Uzbekistan is quite large in 1994 is was at about 23 million people,
It is the largest of the Area. There population is growing so fast and the population is
Spilt up by religious or ethnic regions. Did you also know that in the 1990 majority of
The population was under the age of at least 19 years old. Also the growth of this
Country was in part of in-migration from other parts of the soviet union. There
Were several groups of Russians and Slavic in-migrants that arrived due to the
Industrialization of Uzbekistan following up on World war II. There was also another
Reason why many people had come because they had helped reconstruct Tashkent
After their earthquake in 1966.

The culture in Uzbekistan is one of the most colorful threw out Asia. Such as
Music, dance, paintings, cuisine and many different types of clothes. Most of the clothing
will reflect on the true culture. There are many different genres in the national music of
Uzbek(nick name). The songs they have relate with their customs, tradions and
Ceremonies of the country. They also have a song that plays at basically every wedding
the dialogue of the song is “Lapar”. Dastans they have a huge role in Uzbek dances.
They are epic legends according to their beliefs.

Agriculture and Natural resources
There are many natural resources that help out Uzbekistan and there most dominant
Crop is cotton it made up roughly 11% of the country’s GDP. Some examples of Uzbekistan
Products also help out the country such as silk, wheat, fruit, and vegetables. Basically all agriculture
Involves heavy irrigation. There president signed a decree for private farms to increase production.
Also most farmers threw out there region will grow wheat and cotton also they need to grow enough
To meet the states order. Also most farmers will lose their farms if they don’t meet the quotas.

cotttttttttoooooooonnnnloon.jpgA cotton farm in southern Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan_code_of_arms.png Uzbekistan Code of Arms

1. Does uzbekistan border the aral sea?
Answer: yes
2. What is the life expectancy for men and women in Uzbekistan?
Answer: Men(66) women(73)
3. How much does the Qizilqum desert take up in Uzbekistan?
Answer: 80% of all the land
4. What is the capital city of uzbekistan?
Answer: Tashkent
5. What is the highest point that is located 4,301 m high?
Answer: Adelunga Toghi
1. Uzbekistan citizens have problems with privacy they are never really alone.
2. They are also having a huge economy problems such as oil prices and prices of cotton.
3. Uzbekistan also have big problems with poverty with people sleeping on the streets with nothing to there name.
4. They also have large envirormental problems with trash and garbage all over.
5. Uzbekistan's population is also on the grow wich does not help with anything above. The growing population is also putting an
impact on the people selling goods on the streets.
1. To help problem one, uzbekistainian police should just crack down.
2. Make more production in what they are making.
3. The citiezins with money should try and help out the ones on the street. Or even get like a few building where they are allowed to stay for a small price or free.
4. The country should start publishing to recycle and to clean up there towns to help them and also the earth.
5. There goverment should do what china is doing is limiting each family to one child and make it a law to decrese the population a little and
also if they did that Uzbekistan could be more clean and no as much garbage because there wouldnt be as many people there to through
trash on the streets.

Uzbekistan Holidays
Uzbekistan has and independance day and they take it very serious, Uzbekistan took indepencence in 1991 August 1st. During this day
there are parties and all sorts of dances and parties that go on in the streets. And just about every street you look down you will see
there dances that have been very popular threwout the years in Uzbekistan. There is another holiday they do wich is called Navruz,
wich is the meaning of spring is finally here. They have large crouds and they all go together and chant and walk down a main road
in Uzbekistan.