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The United Arab Emirates flag contains the Pan-Arab colors; red (Unity), green (Fertility), white (Neutrality) , and black (Oil Wealth). All these colors symbolize Arabian Unity.

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United Arab Emirates is located in the Middle East, bordering the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Also between Oman and Saudi Arabia. The absolute location of it is 24N, 54E. The capital is Abu Dhabi, although not the largest city. Dubai is the largest city, and the most popular. The United Arab Emirates is covered with mountains and valleys like the Siji and fertile plains such as the Thaid and Digdaga Plains. The UAE is also covered with deserts. Most of the deserts lie next to the interior plains. Around the Arabian Gulf, is the Western Coastal Plain, and contains the Dubai and Maqta Creeks. The UAE also has many manmade islands.

POPULATIONThe 2009 census estimated the population at 4,598,600. The most populated city is Dubai, which is estimated to have about 1.7 million people. This country is ranked at 114 for population compared to all the other countries in the world. The growth rate is 3.282%. The birth rate is about 15.87 births/1000 population.
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SOCIOLOGYThe extended family is an important feature of the United Arab Emirates society. They can take over the priority of the close family. People are expected to share resources with extended family members. Women play an important role in the family. They like to enjoy and life be respected, also while feeling secure. They also have the freedom to own property and businesses and to drive cars. But it is not acceptable for women to live alone. Children cannot leave home until they marry. external image istockphoto_11541049-extended-family.jpg

CUSTOMSSecular holidays include New Years Day, January 1. Shaykh Zayed's Asendancy to the Throne, August 6. National Days, December 2-3. Hijra, the Islamic New Year. Lastly, Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, muslims refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking each day from dawn to dusk. All holidays follow the lunar calendar. Personal greetings take many forms depending on the relationship between two people. Men shake hands and may touch noses. Women generally, greet by kissing eachother on the right cheek then the left. When they dont know eachother very well, they just shake hands. Friends and Relatives of the same sex address one another by the first name. Adults may be addressed as the mother (um) or father (abu) of their eldest son. Dating is socially unacceptable. Many arranged marriages still occur, but marriages within the extended family are most popular. Men marry around age 26, and women usually marry around the age of 22. An engaged couple may not socialize before the wedding. Men are able to have up to 4 wives. Celebrations can only last one day, and no more than nine camels may be killed for the feast. external image ramadan2.jpg

GOVERNMENTThe United Arab Emirates is goverened by a federation with specified powers delegated to the UAE federal government and other powers reserved to member emirates. The Head of State is President Khalifa bin Zayid Al-Nuhayyan, he is ruler of Abu Zaby. The UAE government is made up of three branches; the executive, legislature, and judiciary. The executive branch consists of the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Ferderal Supreme Council, and a Council of Ministers (the cabinet). The Legislature is the Federal National Council, which consists of 40 members. The Judiciary includes the Federal Supreme Court. But Dubai and Ras al Khaimah do not belong to a national judiciary. All emirates have their own islamic law for civil, criminal, high courts.
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ECONOMYThe main source of economic development in UAE is the natural resources, which includes petroleum and natural gas. Tourism and financial services are also main economy sources in the UAE. The GDP per capita is currently the third in the world and second in the middle east. It is good because like it said its one of the highest, and also a very rich country. This country is developed i think, because of how high its GDP is, and it is pretty well off.
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CULTUREEmiratis wear traditional clothes still as a symbol of national identity. Modesty is required for both men and women. In public, a woman wears an 'abaya (a black robe that covers her dress) and a shaylah (a scarf that covers her head). Beneath the 'abaya and at home, women wear modest dresses or long skirts and blouses. Younger women sometimes wear jeans instead of a dress or skirt. Sometimes women wear a niqab (a veil that covers the face and leaves only the eyes exposed) in public. Men wear a robe called a dishdasha or kandurah. His head is covered by a ghutra and tied by an aqai. Both men and women wear sandals. Arabic is the country's official language and is used for daily communication among Emiratis and other Arabs. Men enjoy sports, mostly soccer. The primary spectator sport is Camel Racing. Traditional dhow (sailboat) races are popular, for the older generation. The younger generation enjoys powerboating and jet skiing. Women do not play sports but enjoy family outings to the parks and beaches. At home, they enjoy movies and music. Folktales, proverbs, and poetry are very popular. One of the most read books in UAE is the Quran. The movies that are popular in UAE are the same as the United States, just in arabic.external image Abaya.jpg

ETHNIC/RELIGIOUS MAKEUPSReligion in the UAE is highly respected and freedom of worship is allowed to all religions. Christian Churches have existed in Dubai for many years. 96% of the popluation of the UAE are Muslim. The majority are Sunni and about 16% are Shia. Most of the citizens of the UAE are Sunni Muslims. Some Sunnis of the Wahhabi sect live in the Al Buraymi Oasis, and some who follow the Shafii legal school live along the Al Batinah coast. The Religious makeups include; Sunni and Shia Muslims, Hindus, and Christians.Muslims are expressly prohibited from converting to other religions, but conversion by non-Muslims to Islam is viewed favorably.Islamic studies are mandatory for citizen children attending public schools and for Muslim children attending private schools. Religious instruction in non-Muslim religions is not permitted in public schools.external image british-muslim-protest4.jpg

PROBLEMS 1. Regional Security2. Human Trafficking3. Lack of natural freshwater resources4. Acid Rain5. Illicit Drugs

1. Hire more jobs into that area of business, offer more college education for that area
2. Keep more security on that, and let the public know why it is bad, and tell them that it is going on!
3. Get more freshwater from surrounding areas, or get a purification system.
4. Buy a more expensive paint or coating to put on buildings to protect them.
5. Higher security in airports.

1. What is the capital of United Arab Emirates?2. What is the most populated city?3. What is the most popular sport for men?4. What are 96% of the population? religion..5. Is extended family important to this country?

1. Abu Dhabi
2. Dubai
3. Soccer
4. Muslim
5. Yes