Mayra Garcia


Red is a traditional color of Islam which was adopted by Ottoman Empire who ruled Tunisia late 16th century. The crescent and the star are traditional symbols of Islam and are considered lucky symbols.

Physical Geography
Atlas Mountains in north; hot,dry centrak plain;semiarid south merges into the Sahara Desert. 8250 sq km of water; 1148 km of coastlne;limited natural fresh water resources. Climate in north; desert in south Seasons-mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers.


The population for Tunisia is 10,589,025 (July 2010 est.), The majority of modern Tunisia are Arab or Arab-Berber. The population for Tunisia has a population growth rate of .98% (2010), Birth rate is 15.42 births/ 1,000 population (2010), Death rate 5.2 deaths/1,000 population (2010). Net migration rate -0.41 migrant(s)/1,000 (2010).

Public schools are 74% literacy rate (84& male; 64% female), Hospitals; the entire population in guaranteed access to the Tunisia health care system. Tunisia is upgrading its health suster to international standards. The language more spoken in Tunisia is Arabic, and culture diversity is ethic groups- Arab 98%, European 1% Jewish and other 1% religions-Muslims 98%, Chritians 1%. Traditions; Customs; Family Life- National holdiday- Independence Day, 20 March. Tunisia was a part of the Ottoman Empire and became a centre of Arab culture but that took place in 16th century.

Republic; president elected by popular vote for five-years term; electoral sustem is dominated by a single political party, the Constitutional Democratic Assembly (RCD); the country is diveded into 23 provinceses.

Tunisia is known to have diverse economy, with important agriculture, mining, energy, tourism, and manufacturing sectors. Its also has petroleum, iron, taurism, textiles, footware,agribusiness, beverages. Agriculture activities Olives, olive oil, grain, dairy products, tomatoes, citrus fruit, beef, sugar beets, dates, and almonds. Manufacturing activities textiles factories, steelworks, leather, food processing, paper, wood products, and construction material. Machinery and euipment, hydrocarbons, chemicals are all imports of Tunisia. Communication in Tunisia is used by 2152 km of railways, 18997 km of highways; aiports.

Tunisia is known to speak Arabic, the traditions are national holiday- Independence Day ,20 of March. The culture diversity are Ethic groups- Arb 98%. Football is the most popular sport in Tunisia. The most sports watched in Tunisia are handball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, rugby union and most of all football.

Ethic/Religion Makeups
Tunisia is known to have the most Arabs. The percent of the Arabs would be 98% of the country, Tunisia is one of the smalles countries in North America. The Ethnic code would be CMT30, the most religion would be Islam.

One of the recent problems Tunisia is currently facing is that airspace is in trouble and has been closed stranding people inside. Its nearly 3,300 British tourists that were trying to get home from strife-torn from Tunisia. Another problem Tunisia is currently facing is that the toxic and hazardous waste is disposing and poses health risks; water pollution from the raw sewage; limited natural fresh water resourcers; deforestation any many more.

I believe that the solution for the first problem is to have all the tourist that were traveling a that time and find out who was the one how was the main responsible for the problem. The other solution for the problem would be that Tunisia should have a better way to disposal all their items and view the chances of recycling or evern find another way to clean out the place more.

QuestionsMy questions for Tunisia is how does the government control the people? How do they show reposiblity after all the trouble they are facing at the moment?My other question would be how is life in Tunisia?

AnswersMy answer may not be right but i asume that the government shows the same quality as the Unites States does. I belive that the president of Tunisia plays the same role as Obama.My other answer would be i guess i would have to visit Tunisia myself. I request we have a fieldtrip to Tunisia.