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info on Morocco flag.

morocco flag... for more information on the flag, click the link above. The red in the seal of the Solomens. it is one of the red arabic flags..

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Map of Morocco. ^^

The relative location of Morocco is east of the pacific ocean, Northwest of Africa, Southwest of the caribbeans (West Indes) Northeast of the western sahara. The absolute location of Morocco is 34 degrees and 02 degrees north and 6 degrees and 51 degrees west. Physical features of Morocco.

The physical features of morocco are they have the Atlas mountains going along the southeast side stretching down about almost all the way through Morocco. and on the west coast the atlantic ocean is there and also Morocco is the the strait of Gilbralter and the Atlantic ocean goes through there into the Meditteranean sea which is just on the northeast corner of Morocco along with the Strait of Gibralter.

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Physical features of Morocco

The physical features of Morocco, 3 main things so far are that there is the Atlantic Ocean, Strait of Gibralter, and the Meditteranean Sea... Which all and all leads to each other the Atlantic Ocean goes through the Strait of Gibralter and then once it goes through it goes into the Meditteranean Sea. which is pretty cool. other physical features are Atlas Mountains. and also notice that just parts of the Sahara Desert is in it too! id have to say roughly that the state of Alaska is close to the same size as Morocco with Morocco at 446,550 sq mi. and Alaska at 663,268 sq mi. The climate in Morocco is Meditteranean. its nice and warm with a bit of humid in the summer time and in the winter there is rain and such.

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Population of Morocco.

The population of Morocco is 34,859,364. The growth rate is 1.429%. The birth rate is 20.96 births outta/1,000. the death rate is 5.45 deaths outta/1,000. The immagration rate is 1.357/1,000. The population of Morocco's capital is 1.7 million.

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Divorce rate.

Sociology of Moroco-

The average family size of Morocco is 6.4. The divorce rate in Moroccos is a staggering 50%... Their social class is similar to America's. There is a Upper class, Middle class, Lower class, and etc... it doesnt really say much of family activities or social structure and such...

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wedding tradition

Hoildays in Morocco

Customs of Morocco-

Some Holidays of Morocco.

1. Islamic new year- its the day that marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar, and it is also like the first day of muharram.

2. Birth of prophet muhammed- its the day that it was said that the prophet Muhammed was born.

3. Youth day- its just an international day for the youth and its mostly advised for united Kingdom.

4.Enthronemet- it envolves a person--either a monarchy or an religious leader-- and they are being seated for a throne.

5. Green March- a gaint march to giant proportions. its like a giant military march.

The ways morocco celebrates weddings, first of all the wedding process takes about 7 days. the whole celebration starts with the dowry to the families... if the grooms family are wealthy than they will pay for everything, The bride recieves golden jewelry and it is sent in the presents of cloth, clothing, perfume from the groom every feast day... this can take up to seven months to 1 year... After the day is set for the wedding the preparations begin for the wedding. a few days before the celebration the family gets the bride a new mattress and brings it to their bedroom. the bride is given a bath in a milky substance called hammam.. the bride maids the help her get ready and beautify her. after dressing her in a bridal dress called kaftan. They put heavy golden jewelry on her and put heavy dark eyeliner on her eyes. the dress also has tons of florals and geometric patterns on the dress it is said to ward off spirits and bring good luck into the marriage. for the bridal and groom parties they will be seperated into different areas for the reception..and some point during the evening the groom will make his was the bridal party with his friends will playing the drums, singing and dancing. Then the bride will be lifted up on a circular chair and the groom will be on his friends shoulders and will be carried to bridals chamber to consume their marriage...

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Morocco government.

Morocco Government-

The Morocco governmet is a constitutional monarchy. The title of the head of state is King mohammed IV. Excecutive- king (head of state), prime minister (head of government).

Legislative- bicameral parliment.

Judical- Supreme court.

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Morocco economy


The GDP is $153.8 billion, the GDP per capita is $4,900. I'd say its good but the per capita could be bad... Agricultural product- Barley, Wheat, Citrus fruits, grapes, vegetables, olives, livestock, and wine.

imports- crudes petrolum, textile fabric, telecommunications equipment, wheat, gas, electricty, transistors, and plastics.

exports- clothing and textiles, electric components, inorganic chemicals, transistors, crude minerals, fertilizers (including phosphate), petrolum products, citrus fruits, vegetables, and fish.

id say that my country is sorta developed and then its not really developed.. sorta its inbetween. its not that developed but its developed..

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Traditional Moroccan clothing.

Moroccan Language.

Famous Movies shot in Morocco.


The national sport of Morocco is soccer. its very very popular there Soccer is when there are 2 goals and you have to use yours feet you cant use your hands but you can use your chest, knee or head! but no hands.

Traditional Moroccan clothing- The traditional dress for men and women is called djellaba; A long loose, hooded garment with full sleeves. for special occasions men would were a red cap called a bernousse, mostly called as a fez. women were Kaftans with decorative ordaments which is like jewelry and etc. women also wear high-heeled sandals and often a silver or more common a gold tinsel.

The main language of Morocco is classical Arabic, but theres French, Spanish, English, and other Ethnic Languages.

Types of hobbies in Morocco are dirt biking and mudding, and riding sand dunes on a buggy. well dirt biking is riding a motor bike in the sand dunes, and mudding is taking a jeep in the muddy areas and just ride through them doing tricks or spin-outs, than riding sand dunes on a buggy is what it sounds ride like an ATV or a buggy and just do jumps and tricks on sand dunes. other hobbies is tourism... they like to see they're art and crafts.

The famous movies that were filmed here is Gladitars, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Alexander, The Bourne Ultimatum, Body of lies, Sex and the City, and the Inception.

there isnt really a certain type of favorite music, but they have the same likes; like the US does.

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Religion/ Ethnic group in Morocco.

Religions/Ethnic makeup of Morocco-

The religions in Morocco are Islam 98.7%, Christian 1.1%, Jewish 0.2%.

The ethnic groups in Morocco are Arab-berber 99.1%, other 0.7%, Jewish 0.2%.

im guessing there probably isnt alot of religious issues, bcuz the main religion is Muslim and almost 100% of them is that religion so im thinking that if there was some religious tension it would probably be between Muslim and Christanity. but it doesnt say anything about religous tension so o:.. yea.

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Enviromental issues in Morocco.

OverFishing in Morocco.

Bombing in Morocco.

Economy in Crisis?

Peace corp in Morocoo?

Problems within Morocco.

1. an issue going on in Morocco right now is enviromental issues... the land is degradation and livestock activity. the soil as become unusable and this is not good for farms because than the economy is gonna go down. For more information click the link above.

2. An major issue is overfishing... fishing is one of Morocco main exports and do to overfishing, there is less fish around the major fishing ground.. and No fish+economy=BAD ECONOMY.. which is just one other thing that the world needs... if you want anymore information click the link above.

3. Moroccans say that terriorists were behind the April bombing in morocco which killed 15 people. for more information click the link above.

4. Morocco has a bad economy and is dropping rapidly.. for more information click the link above.

5. issues on health care and safety.. the peace corp has entered morocco. it is said that Morocco is having bad health and health care issue. for more information click the link above.

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Solutions to the problem! :)

1. maybe they should try recycle more... recycling is the future.

2. well personal.. idk what to say. i mean if u ask me id say maybe find a new fishing spot or have a law that says you can only have this type of weight for fish or something because sooner or later.... fish are gonna vanish.

3. personally i think that osama is dead there really shouldnt be a problem.. depending if they want revenge.. but still their leader is dead. soo really they cant do much.

4. well maybe the fishing or exporting and importing have something to do with that! i think that morocco is maybe a poor country and thats why this kind of stuff is happening..

5. well thats good the peace corp came in! but i think that some other countries should go and help!

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1. what are the 2 main colors of the flag?
a. purple and green.
b. blue and yellow.
c. red and yellow
d. red.

2. what is the main thing to do for a wedding tradition?
a. dance on top of an elephant
b. lift the 2 couples up seperatly on chairs and take them to the bedroom.
c. bachelors crash the womens party.
d. B and C.
e. none of the bove.

3. what is the main religion?
a. islam
b. orthodox church.
c. buddihism
d. daoism.

4. what major sea is located northeast of morocco?
a. the dead sea
b. caspain sea.
c. atlantic sea
d. meditterranean sea.

5.what is the main sport of morocco?
a. football
b. soccer
c. cricket
d. none of the above.

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1. C
2. D


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