imagesCAJ2EV1R.jpgLibya- By- Evan Sullivan

  • Absolute location-(Latitude: 31(degrees) 0' 0 N, Longitude: 15(degrees) 0' 0 E)
  • Relative location- The relative location of Libya is in nothern Africa, the Mediterranean is its northern border, Algeria is to the west, Egypt is to the east, and Chad is its southern border.
  • Key Cities- Tripoli, Benghazi, Homs, Misratah, Zawiyah, Barqa, Zlitan, Garyan, Tobru, Yafran, al-Bayda, Tarhuna, and Darnah
  • Geographic features- The coastal region has a Mediterranean climate, with average temperatures in Tripoli. Rain fall is mostly during the winter months, coastal towns can be humid. The mountain regions experience more rainfall, particularly during the winter and early spring. Summers are cooler in Libya than they are on the Coastal Plain. Southern Libya has a desert climate with daytime winter temps. ranging between 15 and 20 degreesm, falling bellow 0 at night time.

  • The flag was said to represent the nation's hope for a green revolution in agriculture. Green expresses the people's Muslim faith. Effective date: 20 November 1977.

Physical Geography-
  • Features- In Libya there is the Libyan Desert, Gulf of Sidra, Sarah Desert, Nafusah Plateau ect....
  • The size of my country I would say it probably medium sized compared to other ones but there is a lot of larger ones and smaller ones so right in between
  • Climate information- Libya mainly has very nice weather with hot summer days, but when the weather is bad there all it does is rain with heavy winds.


  • The total population in Libya in 2010 was recoreded to have 5,771,701 residents
  • Capital- Tripoli is Libya's capital with 1,890,600 residents
  • Major Cities- Benghazi, Homs, Misratah, Zawiyah, Barqa, Zlitan, Garyan, Tobru, Yafran, al-Bayda, Tarhuna, and Darnah

Sciology (Group behavior and patterns)

  • Social Structure- In Libya they had work genertaions in order to who makes the most money, and has the best jobs with the jobs handed down to their children and relatives.
  • Family Patterns- The average number of children is 4.4, the six ratio is143.5 males, and 100 females, the most preferred combination of sexes was 2 males and 2 females, the first born was wanted to be a boy and then combination of sexes after that.
  • Social Classes- In Libya people did not spend that much money on them selves but once they started have 5,6,7 kids they would mostly focus the money on the males and then the femals second because the male was the one wanted most and wanted at first birth.


  • Holidays- The most famous holidays that they celebrate in Libya are Islamic New Year, Ashura, Jamahiriya Day, British Evacuation Day, The Profets Birthday, Revolution Day, and National Day
  • Celebrations-All of the above are national holidays that they celebrate, they celebrate anything that has to do with Islam beliefs and follows
  • Traditions- Libya traditioins are much like ours they sing, dance, have bond fires, do arts and crafts ect....

  • Type of government-Jamahiriya (a state of masses) governed by the populace through local councils
  • Head of State-Mohamed Abu Al-Zwai is the current head of state for Libya
  • Freedoms-Libya's freedoms are based on their beliefs on what they can or can't do and the dates on when they can do these things

  • GDP per capita- $13,800
  • Major goods imported/exported-Libya inports and exports manufactured goods along with products made in Libya and also inport new products.
  • Agriculture Products Produced- food, car parts, new ideas made in Libya.
  • Statement- Yes i do think my country is a developed country, because they run their country mostly like every other country and it seems to go good for them. They have a leading body of government with the branches of government, not to much people, preety good life expantacy, kind of large family sizes though, and they have a main leader in charge who is doing a preety good job on maintaining money with the population increasing throughout the years in Libya.


  • Sports- Soccer is the most played sport in Libya and is preety much the only sport that they play there
  • Clothing-Libyan's wear a dress like robe called a Biyyah
  • Language- Arabic is the offical language in Libya
  • Hobbies/Pastimes- They like to do arts and keep up with their beliefs and cultures
  • Literature.books,stories-They read books about there god and his teachings
  • Movies-No movies
  • Music-They listen to any type of Arab music

  • Population increasing might be affected by money issues
  • Doctors are protesting cause they arn't getting paid enough
  • Facing health issues
  • Lact of medicine for the people
  • Need help getting supplies health systems

  • Leader and helpers should get money isues ready for all the people are coming
  • Need to give more money to all of the doctors
  • Need a better health system and plan
  • Need to get more medicine and treatments
  • Can take out a loan for all of the supplies


  • How could Libya have it so they can have a better health care system?
  • Could Libya's leader do anything different with money wise to help them?
  • How does Libya's religions impacts the country?
  • Could Libya improve medical equiptment and doctors?
  • Does Libya have any way to get them better markets for supplies?