Georgia Toni Diegel


Physical Geography


Georgia is located in southwestern Asia at 42 degrees N and 43 degrees E. It is found below Russia, to the east of the Black Sea, and above the countries of Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It is a very mountainous country with Caucasus mountains in the North and South. The capital and largest city of Georgia is Tbilisi. Two of the major rivers in Georgia are the Mtkvari River and the Rioni River. The country is almost the size of the U.S. state South Carolina. Most of Georgia lies in a humid subtropical climate zone, but the country has many different climates and is very diverse. Other parts of the country have a humid subtropical to continental climate.

Georgia's flag at one point was the flag of the United National Movement which was the main opposition part for Georgia. The flag was readopted by the Georgian parliament on January 14, 2004. The five different crosses on the flag represent the five wounds of Jesus. The red color represents the good times of the past and future while the white color represents hope for peace.



Georgia has a population of 4,585,874 people. The growth rate is -0.326% and the population density is 71 people per square mile. Georgia's population has decreased dramatically from a large increase in emigration. Their net migration rate stands at -4.06 migrants per 1,000 population. The population in the capital city of Tbilisi is 1.115 million people.



Georgia has a hierarchical society. The country has always depended greatly on social rank according to race and religious beliefs. Every set group of different people have their own requirements and laws to follow. Every person in these groups knows where they belong and which laws they must be following. Position, power, and age all play a big role in the importance of a group of people in Georgia. Georgia always had a class struggle to try to make things equal. Etiquette is a large and very important part of the Georgians values, but table manners are not a big deal. The elderly are always highly respected citizens and come first in most gatherings or introductions. The older of more dominant of a group of people while often make decisions for the group and are best for all the people. The average family size is smaller than the average family size in the United States. The total fertility rate is 1.45 children per woman in the country and the usual families are on the smaller side.



A New Year's festival is always held at the beginning of the new year and celebrated. Serving ground up walnuts boiled in honey with turkey and chicken in walnut sauce is a ceremonial custom in Georgia. Easter is celebrated as it is in the states, by dying eggs. The Georgians also roast pigs and lambs and serve cakes with spices. A certain special wheat porridge is usually served with walnuts and honey 40 days after the death of a person. Elders are usually the first to be introduced in a new environment and are almost always the ones looked upon for advice and inspiration. Marriages are very rarely arranged in Georgia and happen with partners free will. The woman usually runs the household with children. If the mother is unable to care for the children, retired grandparents are often caretakers for the young children before kindergarten or school comes. Kissing on the lips and hugging are frowned upon, and woman are not supposed to look at strangers.



Georgia has a republic government. The country gained its independence from the Soviet Union on April 9, 1991. The celebrated National holiday is May 26, the date the country gained independence from Soviet Russia. The Constitution was adopted on August 24, 1995. The government has nine different regions of administrative divisions, and the legal system is based on the civil law system. The president is currently Mikheil Saakashvili and the Prime Minister is Nikoloz Gilauri.



Georgia suffered extremely tough economic situations after a civil strife in the 1990s, but made a great comeback since 2000 and has come back from inflation with great GDP. The country's GDP is $20.75 billion with GDP per capita at $4,500. A few of Georgia's main industries are mining, chemicals, wood products, steel and aircraft, and wine. Major exported goods are scrap metal, vehicles, and fruits and nuts. Some of Georgia's major imported goods include fuels, machinery and parts, and grains. About 55 percent of the labor force is employed through subsistence farming practices. Georgia sells large amounts of wine. The country has greatly developed after coming back from where it once was not very long ago.



Rugby is a very popular and common sport in the country of Georgia, but comes second to the sport of football. Expression through art is very popular and respected. A unisex dress called the Arkhalig is a popular outfit choice among the people of Georgia. Others include the Chokha and the Papakhi. The vast majority of all Georgians speak the Georgian language called Georgian. All popular media in the country of Georgia is created from Georgians and involve their countries customs and beliefs.

Ethnic/ Religious Makeup


More than 83 percent of Georgia's population is Georgian. The rest of the people consist of 9 percent Muslim, 3 percent Armenian-Gregorian, and a small 0.8 percent Catholic. At least 65 percent of Georgians belong in the Georgian Orthodox while the others are Russian Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic churches. Religion is not a huge part of Georgians lives but it plays a great role in their position in society.


Georgia is currently facing issues in many different topics, a few being economic stability, children, and crime.
Georgia has had a rough time with their economic society. Inflation took over the country and brought down businesses and greatly effected the citizens of the country. Another large issue in this area is the rising amount of criminal activity. Crime around the capital city of this country is continually rising and getting worse. Georgia also has problems with healthcare. The amount of available care in the medical region of healthcare is very limited. The country is slowing showing improvement, but not a huge amount. Child care is a huge issue in this country as there are many debates and disagreements over what should be happening to the children put into adoptive care. Georgia's country is somewhat restricted from others and not given as many rights, and because of this the country fights for their rights which helps add into the debt and economic failure of the country. To resolve these issues the country could possibly better work to help and benefit the citizens, which will take effect on the economy and crime as well as the children and healthcare issues all in one. If the people are happy everyone will work harder to make the country a better place for all.

  1. What's the most common religion in Georgia?
  2. What is the most popular sport?
  3. What is the population of the capital city?
  4. What does the country sell most of?
  5. What day did Georgia gain independence from Soviet Russia?

  1. Georgian Orthodox
  2. Football
  3. 1.115 million people
  4. Wine
  5. May 26