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The country...

The country of Afghanistan is located at 34 degrees north, 69 degrees east. It borders the country's of Pakistan, Tajakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and a little part of China. The Capital City is Kabul.
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The Flag...

The Afghan flag has 3 vertical stripes going down it. One is black, the next is green, and the last is red. In the middle of the flag is an emblem of gold, that features a mosque with its mahrab facing Mecca.
File:Flag of Afghanistan.svg
File:Flag of Afghanistan.svg

The Physical Geography...

The Hindu Kush is the largest mountain range in Afghanistan. The Khyber Pass conects Afganistan with Pakistan. One of the major rivers is the Kabul river, which gives water to much of Kabul and the people in the Baba Mountains. The climate is an arid and semi arid steppe, which means is basicly desert with small shrubs, and a few forests scattered around.
File:Afghanistan physical en.png
File:Afghanistan physical en.png

The Population...

In 2009 the population was estimated to be around 29,802,724 people. The total land area of Afghanistan is 251,772 sq. miles. That puts the total Population dencity at around 112 people per square mile. The birth rate at about 38/1000 people. A few of the major citys include Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-i-Sharif and Kunduz.
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The afghan population is put into social classes. the highest class, The Bourgeois Class, is manely thoughs who have money and are in industy. Next is The labor class, then the Religous class, the lowest class. The religous class are thoughs that are dedicated to there religion, and have little effect on the people.
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Some Important Holidays of Afghanistan are Ashura, the tenth day of the month on the Islamic Calander.Nowroze, is the first day of spring. Jeshen, on august 19, is Indepenance day. Mawleed al-nabi, is Muhammads birthday. eid al-adha is the 10th day in the 12 month on the Islamic Calender. external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTrtvIWlDlQpe8g_OrhftAsTpfvNQsy0DT3cDfCstYbm086hf1B


The Government is an Islamic Republic. Islamic republic is the name given to several states in the Muslim world including the Islamic Republics of Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Mauritania. The current President of Afghanistan is Hamid Karzai. People in Afghanistan have a freedom of Religion. This freedom of religion is quite new, only becoming active in 2002. before that, Afghanistan was controled by the Taliban, and they discriminated all non-muslims.
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The GDP of Afghanistan is 28.879 Thousand. Per Capita is at around $1,000. Some exports include Pomegrantes, fish, and timber. Some Imports include food, textiles, and petroleum Products. fruit and nuts are grown here, along with livestock. Fish are becoming harder to get, they are being way over fished. I belive this country is developing, because it is curently at war with the US and it also needs some work to help its people get back on there feet.
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Men Procesing Pomegranets


Most official Sports in Afghanistan are run by the Afghan Sports Federation which promotes Association Football, volleyball, handball, track and field, bowling and chess. At the moment, cricket is the most popular sport in Afghanistan. The country's traditional male clothing usually includes a salwar kameez (dress), lungee (turban), karakul, pakol, topi, kufi (hats), and a chapan (coat). There are 2 official languages in Afghanistan, Pashto and Persian.
File:Ghazi Stadium 2009.jpg
File:Ghazi Stadium 2009.jpg

Ethnic/Religious Makeup...

Islam is the most Common, 99% of the Population is Some type of Muslim. Besides Muslims, there are Sikhs, Christians, and 50,000 Hindus, living in the country. The major beliefs of the Muslims include fasting on Ramadan, a pilgrimige to Mecca, Daily Prayers, and many, many more. Wars have been fought between religions in this region, mostly because they all belive differently, and others see that as wrong.
File:Mazar-e sharif - Steve Evans.jpg
File:Mazar-e sharif - Steve Evans.jpg


1. War with the United States.
2. The Taliban.
3. War on Drugs.
4. Suicide Bombers.
5. Shortages.
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1. Work with the United States.
2. Kill Bin-Laden...already done, take out the Taliban.
3. US troops can Burn Feilds that are used to grow drug plants.
4. Extra security around any places a bomber could hit.
5. Imoport more food to the population.
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1. What is one of the major Imports?
2. What type of Government is Afghanistan?
3. Who is helping with the War on Terror?
4. What is a Major Export?
5. What is the Capital Of Afghanistan.
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1. Food.
2. Islamic Republic.
3. The United States.
4. Pomegranets.
5. Kabul.
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